Digital Beam Former (DBF)

The Digital Beam Former (DBF) is an indigenisation project where CoreEL has pioneered the beam forming for phased array RADARs in the digital domain using FPGAs. We delivered Digital Beam Former as a turnkey solution.

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Digital Beam Former

A Digital Beam Former (DBF) is the most basic and important part of radar technologies. DBD systems are a development over analog systems, which allow multiple signals to be interpreted and processed thus allowing faster and more advanced communications.

For CoreEL, its DBF project is an indigenisation turnkey solution, where we pioneered the beam forming for phased array RADARs in the digital domain using FPGAs. (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays – or customized configured circuts).

By using FPGA’s we can adapt the DBF to our client’s requirements and scale. We also offer two variants of DBF which allow different capacities based on the same underlying framework.

CoreEl’s DBF Solutions are front end array based and are phased through optical links which synthezisebeasms and deliver the data to signal processing. Beam formation is based on algorithmic processing of received data in FPGAs. Our solutions are configured on the Ethernet and allow easy control and status monitoring remotely.


  • Remote configuration and reconfiguration over Ethernet links
  • High speed optical backplane with optical blindmate connectors
  • Floating point algorithms implemented on FPGAs
  • Gigabit Ethernet based management interface
  • In-system dedicated BITE processor
  • The Automated Test Equipment (ATE) developed for DBF is capable of simulating a complete real-time external environment for DBF
  • Available as two variants with different capabilities>
    • 24 AGR DBF: Ability to perform beam forming for 24 AGR array
    • 51 AGR DBF: Ability to perform beam forming for 51 AGR array