Product Introductions

Our deep domain expertise coupled with experience in system and sub-system level design and engineering makes us the flavor of choice by Aerospace and Defence organisations and the scientific community worldwide. Our “First time Right” design philosophy entrenches itself in our best practices and methodologies making our product and system level capabilities and deliverables legendary. Some of these designs go into mission critical electronics that span across Radars, Missiles, Electronic Warfare and C4ISR systems which could put men and machine at risk. We as a company understand such risks well enough to boldly undertake such design projects that push the barriers of electronics, thereby benefiting mission systems and its design & development process. Our capabilities span across building IP Cores, Sub-systems, Systems and Integrated products. We operate under very tight design schedules so as to ensure that your program or project rolls out as per your pre-ordained schedule. We manage our supply chain and integration process in house and assure quality systems and components and strict adherence to time tested certification procedures, processes and standards across all platforms irrespective of the end use being rugged, industrial or civil.

System Level Solutions

Exciter Receiver Processor Unit (ERPU)

Radar Signal Generator and Receiver (RSG-RSR)

Signal Conditioning and Processor Module (SCPM)

Digital Beam Former

Automatic Test Equipment for Digital Beam Former

Radar Digital Signal Processing System

Radar Processing Unit

S-Band Central Unit

Radar Processsing Unit -2

Automatic Test Equipment for SBCU

Frequency Hopping & Burst Interception And Monitoring System

32 Channel Data Acquisition And Processing System

Radar Characterisation And Identification System

Digital Processing Line Replaceable Unit

Marine Data Acquisition System


Wave length Division Multiplexing Receiver Unit (WDMRX)

Part Number: RFGRESA-4

Wave length Division Multiplexing Amplifier and Splitter Module (WDMAS)

Part Number: WDMFOJB-32

Wave length Division Multiplexing Transmitter Module (WDMTX)

Part Number: RFGTESA-4

Optical Cable Assembly (ODN) Part Number: WDMCIB-5

Board Level Solutions

QorIQ T4241 VPX Board

QorIQ T4241 VPXRTM Board

Data Capture and Signal Processing (DCSP) Board

AESA Exciter Receiver Modules

Digital Intermediate Frequency Receiver Board

Radar Timing And IO Generation Board

XMC-Based ADC + DAC Card

S-Band Dual Transmit Receive Module

Rugged Waveform Generator Board

Array Interface Board

Octal Ethernet Switch

Automatic Test Equipment For AIC

Quad Digital Receiver Board

Quad Digital Signal Processing Board

High Speed Data Acquisition Board

RF Scan Processor Board

Digital Baseband Generator

Control Interface Board

Electronic Attack Processor

VPX Pulse Processor Boards

cPCI Pulse Processor Boards

VME Pulse Processor Board

Antenna Head Unit Controller

8 Channel Gigabit Etherne Based Controller Board

16 Channel Gigabit Ethernet Based Controller Board

Video Image Processing Unit

Network Security Board

16 Channel Data Acquisition Board

16 Channel Transmit Controller Board

32 Channel Transmit Controller Board

Signal Acquisition And Processing Board

Quad MPC8640 processor Board

Rugged Power Supply Distribution Board

P4040 Computing Board

ASIC Prototyping Platform

16 Channel Reconfigurable Optical Switch

PCIe Based Optical Interface Card

IP Core Level Solutions

H.264 Hi422 High Performance Decoder

MPEG-2 4:2:2 P@High Level Video Decoder

H.264 AVC Intra Frame Codec

H.264 I & P Frame Encoder & Decoder