CoreEL reached value added reseller agreement with Cognimem Technologies

Cognimem Technologies announced a value added reseller agreement with CoreEL Technologies, by which CoreEL technologies will now sell, distribute , integrate and support Cognimem range of products for the Indian region.

CogniMem is committed to providing truly parallel hardware based solutions towards solving AI and pattern recognition problems. The CogniMem technology is not based on von-Neumann computing techniques, but on a scalable, memory like structure that combines distributed memory and parallel hardware processing to eliminate the bottleneck inherent in traditional serial processing solutions. Solutions using CogniMem technology are not coded, but taught. Our mission includes providing development tools and modules to help customers solve their difficult pattern recognition problems as part of their overall product offering.

CoreEL Technologies will distribute the Cognimem range of IP’s to its defense and home land security customers and support the integration of these IP’s into the various indigenous defense programs of India. The wide reach and deep connect of CoreEL with its defense lab customers will help Cognimem Technologies expand into the Indian market effectively. Cognimem range of products and IPs will be a significant technological differentiator for CoreEL as it treads the path of “Concept to manufactured systems”. The technical expertise of CoreEL in video technologies , Radar, Sonar and EW arena will be an enabler for integration of Cognimem range of products in various solutions being pioneered by CoreEL.

About Cognimem

The CogniMem Technology is a low-power pattern recognition accelerator which enables practical usage of neural network and KNN algorithms for markets ranging from smart sensing to high performance Cognitive Computing. Its unique silicon architecture is a chain of identical cells (i.e. neurons) addressed in parallel and with their own “genetic” material to store, learn and recall patterns without running a single line of code and reporting to a supervising unit. The neurons collaborate with each other through a bi-directional parallel bus which is the key to accuracy and speed of recognition, real-time learning and adaptation.

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About CoreEL Technologies

CoreEl Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a synergistic value added services and product company with businesses spread across third-party technology Solutions, VLSI & Embedded training and Value added Design Services. Its Technology Solutions business covers EDA, Semiconductors and Security & Surveillance product segments. CoreEL provides Sales, Application Support and Training for all the products that it represents. CoreEL offers products and Turn Key Design Solutions for customers in market segments like the Defense & Aerospace, Telecom & Networking, Industrial and Digital Video & Signal Processing. Its expertise includes FPGA Design, HW and SW development, High Speed PCB Design. For more information, visit

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