CoreEL believes in translating its core philosophy of total commitment to customer needs and allows for a high degree of scalability and customization in its projects and solutions. As a result of our strategic partnerships, technology alliances, and strong domain knowledge, CoreEL is able to provide cutting edge solutions that are industry dominant and world class.

CoreEL provides end-to-end solutions to the Defence, Aerospace, Communications, Media and Academia segments.We provide solutions at the system level, board level and have built successful Intellectual properties for Core applications. Our Solutions have played important roles in completing the cycle of Design & Development for many organizations domestic and international. The cost of acquisition of a solution and the CoreEL approach in reducing the time to design, develop and implement such solutions has played an important and enabling role in shortening the time to market for some leading system integration companies and design houses. OEMs and ODMs have continuously rendered their gratitude to CoreEL and have become repeat clients due to our approach and innovativeness in addressing mission critical and ever challenging needs.