We leverage our partnerships to bring to you the industry leading products, accessories and support to set up world-class laboratory infrastructure.

CoreEL Technologies is the authorized distributor for entire range of Ansys products. We extend sales and installation support to academia.

ANSYS and CoreEL Technologies create outstanding value, laying the foundation for educational and other opportunities that arise from using best-in-class engineering simulation tools. The low-cost, high-performance bundles of ANSYS simulation technology include structural, thermal, fluid dynamics, explicit dynamics, electronics and multiphysics solvers, ANSYS Workbench, CAD import tools, solid modeling, advanced meshing, and post-processing features.

The ANSYS Academic program also offers student team sponsorship, research partnership opportunities, training, support and curriculum development.


The ANSYS Academic product portfolio is divided into four main categories:

  • Structural-Fluid Dynamics Academic Products – Bundles that offer structural mechanics, explicit dynamics, fluid dynamics and thermal simulation capabilities. These bundles also include ANSYS Workbench, relevant CAD import tools, and solid modeling (DesignModeler) & meshing.
    • Used in :- Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Piping Engineering, Marine Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering
  • Bundles that offer high-frequency, signal integrity, RF, microwave, millimeter-wave device and other electronic engineering simulation capabilities.
    • The ANSYS Academic HF product bundle includes ANSYS HFSS, Extractor, Designer,Nexxim and ANSYS SIwave technologies. It is suitable for high- performance RF, microwave, millimeter-wave device simulation and signal integrity (SI) applications.
    • Used in :- Electrical and Electronics engineering, Tele communication engineering, Bio Medical Engineering, Bio medical and Electronics engineering
    • The ANSYS Academic EM product bundle includes ANSYS Maxwell, Advanced, ANSYS RMxprt and ANSYS PExprt. The EM product bundle is intended for the design and simulation of electromechanical devices such as motors, actuators, transformers and other electromagnetic field simulations. The bundle also provides multi-domain system simulation capability for the design of mechatronic, power electronic, electromechanical and other systems.
    • Used in :- Electrical engineering, Mechatronics Engineering
    • Both the HF and EM product bundles include parallel processing, Optimetrics (parameterized simulation and design optimization) and import/connectivity to many common MCAD and ECAD tools.
  • Systems and Embedded Software Academic Products – Bundles of our SCADE products offer a model-based development environment for embedded software.
    • Used in :- Computer engineering, Computer Science , Computer technology
  • Multiphysics Campus Solutions – Large task count bundles of Research & Teaching products from all three of the above categories intended for larger scale deployment across a campus, or multiple campuses.