Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Solutions: CoreEL partners with ANSYS to provide simulation software that allows companies to foresee how their products will function in the real world. The ANSYS comprehensive software suite covers the entire spectrum of physics, providing access to virtually all fields of engineering simulation that a design process needs.

CoreEL is most preferred strategic partner of ANSYS. CoreEL’s strong electronics background  compliments the simulation driven system development that spans across industry vertical like Aerospace & Defence, Commercial ESP’s, Manufacturing units and institutes of higher learning .

About ANSYS-CoreEL

ANSYS is dedicated exclusively to engineering simulation and is the world’s leading software provider. Product innovators in the most demanding markets have trusted ANSYS for over 40 years.

ANSYS technology enables you to predict with confidence that your products will thrive in the real world. Customers trust ANSYS software to help ensure the integrity of their products and drive business success through innovation.


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Systems & Embedded Software

Every industry has realized significant growth in innovation based on electronics and embedded software. This trend has led to a number of challenges, which is changing how companies design and develop these complex systems. With ANSYS systems product family, systems engineers and software engineers can manage the complexities of today’s products development challenges



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is one of the CAE analysis tools, where we can predict the phenomenon like heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reaction, combustion, multiphase etc. Engineers in a diverse range of industries are using CFD solutions from ANSYS to manage complex simulations and driving high-velocity innovation.



ANSYS fluent is an industry leading multi-processor solver tool which is used to simulate a wide range of phenomena, aerodynamics, combustion, hydrodynamics, Mixture of liquid/ solids/ gases, particle dispersion within no time.
This also has a lot of built in secret ingredients like, simulation model, material properties which can be used to carry out the analysis easily. Fluent is used to analyze fluid dynamics in and around vehicle, emissions control and under hood systems.



ANSYS CFX is robust solver that has tailored capabilities to predict rotating turbomachinary equipment performance and continuous innovations to simulate challenging applications and phenomena (for example, prediction of blade flutter.

A complete suite of tools for rotating turbomachinary applications: like 2-D tools for fast analysis, blade geometry and meshing specialized tools are available.

CFX is used to analyze fluid dynamics in and around components such as pumps, values and turbine.

Structural Mechanics is not a replacement for huge and expensive finite element analysis (FEA) programs; rather, it is an easy-to-use application that allows you to experiment, gain new insights, and preprocess problems before you launch into computationally expensive and time-consuming finite element modeling

Understanding how a component or product assembly reacts under stress or vibration is critical in any industry, but as products and materials become increasingly complex, engineers need tools that go beyond linear statics and dynamics analyses

ANSYS Mechanical

ANSYS Structural Mechanics provides the most complete set of tools for strength analysis from linear to highly nonlinear, for the most advanced modern engineering materials, and for all models from single parts to highly complex assemblies

ANSYS Fatigue Module

ANSYS Structural Mechanics incorporates state of the art, fully integrated solutions that the simulate fatigue life of products

Use ANSYS nCode DesignLife to simulate the fatigue damage caused by the continued but varying loading conditions.



Explicit Dynamics

The design of products that need to survive impacts or short-duration high-pressure loadings can be greatly improved with the use of ANSYS explicit dynamics solutions. These specialized problems require advanced analysis tools to accurately predict the effect of design considerations on product response to severe loadings. Understanding such complex phenomena is especially important when it is too expensive or impossible to perform physical testing.

With the ANSYS explicit dynamics products, you can study how a structure responds when subjected to severe loadings. Algorithms based on first principles accurately predict responses, such as large material deformations and failure, and interactions between bodies and fluids with rapidly changing surfaces.

ANSYS Explicit Dynamics is seamlessly integrated in ANSYS Workbench and the Mechanical User Interface In ANSYS Explicit Dynamics we have three different tools

ANSYS Explicit STR

ANSYS Explicit STR extends the range of problems that can be conveniently and easily solved by the powerful ANSYS mechanical suite by efficiently and accurately simulating short-duration severe loadings and complex contact problems. The graphical user interface for Explicit STR is the same as for ANSYS Mechanical software. Users will find that setting up problems is even easier than for the mechanical suite as contact surfaces are handled automatically and need not be defined. Sophisticated, material models can simply be selected from the explicit material library without having to specify any of the properties. Highly transient phenomena can easily be modeled with detailed resolution of the materials response.


ANSYS Autodyn


Engineering simulation can help Improve the survivability of buildings, vehicles, soldiers and police personnel. Using ANSYS Autodyn engineers can design and virtually test simple and complex active armor to protect troops in battle from improvised explosive devices (IED), rocket-propelled grenades, shaped charges and other threats. This same software used to model space debris impact on satellites, can also be used to design common liquid containers such as water and detergent bottles. Using ANSYS Autodyn can help you improve a wide variety of products, reduce their cost and most importantly decrease time to market.

ANSYS Autodyn software is a versatile explicit analysis tool for modeling the nonlinear dynamics of solids, fluids, gases and their interactions. The product has been developed to provide advanced capabilities within a robust, easy-to-use software tool. Simulation projects can be completed with significantly less effort, less time and lower labor costs than with other explicit programs. This high productivity is a result of the easy-to-use, quick-to-learn, intuitive, interactive graphical interface implemented. Time and effort are saved in problem setup and analysis by automatic options to define contact, by coupling interfaces and by minimizing input requirements using safe logical defaults.


ANSYS LS-DYNA software provides convenient and easy-to-use access to the technology-rich, time-tested explicit solver without the need to contend with the complex input requirements of this sophisticated program. Introduced in 1996, ANSYS LS-DYNA capabilities have helped customers in numerous industries to resolve highly intricate design issues.

ANSYS Mechanical users have been able take advantage of complex explicit solutions for a long time utilizing the traditional ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL) environment.

These explicit capabilities are available to ANSYS Workbench users as well. The Workbench platform is a powerful, comprehensive, easy-to-use environment for engineering simulation. CAD import from all sources, geometry cleanup, automatic meshing, solution, parametric optimization, result visualization and comprehensive report generation are all available within a single fully interactive modern graphical user environment.


Electromagnetic simulation comes under Computer aided engineering Division. Ansys Electromagnetic simulation tools are specialized programs which are intended to solve Maxwell equations. These software tools which are typically used for designing of PCBs ,IC Packages,Electromechanical devices, Antennas,communication devices etc.

ANSYS Electronics simulation tools are broadly used for different Electronic applications. ANSYS HFSS is used for Antenna ,communication design,RCS,Memory design(SI/PI/EMI).ANSYS Maxwell can be used for of  electromechanical machine design, magnetic analysis as well as for Electric drive design. ANSYS Designer makes  electronic design engineers to quickly and accurately analyze signal-integrity, power-integrity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems from a single schematic- and layout-based environment .ANSYS Apache products are customized tools in architecture level , Hardware-level power simulation  for chip design.


General-purpose high-frequency electromagnetic simulation which calculates Antenna design performance, antenna metrics such as gain, return loss, input impedance, radiation efficiency and full 3-D near and far field patterns, electromagnetic coupling effects.,radar cross section, Signal integrity.


General-purpose low-frequency electromagnetic simulation Maxwell provides with the most efficient numerical techniques for the type of engineering information required by electrical machine, motor and electric drive design.. Magnetic analysis design impact will be Design for performance, Optimum design with high-fidelity insight, Magnetic modeling and motor performance prediction


ANSYS Designer is a powerful design platform that connects EM, circuit and system analysis within a single environment ANSYS Designer delivers easy to use data management, statistical and convolution analysis tools. It enables high-speed electronics and RF/microwave designers to access industry-leading field and circuit simulation tools while designing electronic packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs) — early in the design cycle before manufacturing costs are incurred.