Radar Design and Development has crossed over to 3D and 4D resolutions with TDOA and AOA being critical need of the hour. The impact of this is deeply felt in Digital design as well as RF design. The momentum of Research & Design has moved into Phased Array and Electronically Beam steered environments bringing further challenges into Digital Design and Radio Physics. Multiple Threat acquisition, Threat tracking and detecting has become the order of battle. This has a direct bearing on how such threats are analysed and reviewed on the command and control side leading to higher order electronics that can convert RF into assessable environments. CoreEL has continuously hand held multiple designs across various Research and Development labs in India which has resulted in successful projects that have either been field proven or are currently being tested. ┬áThese designs have been implemented across Land and Air platforms and have been highly appreciated by the end-user eco-system. CoreEL’s feather in the cap is a higher order Digital Beam forming system for a Land Radar application which pushes all imagination of how a high end Electronic AESA radar should be designed. Our Projects have pushed CoreEL to the forefront as a leading edge designer of sub-systems of Radars and have won accolades from the scientific community and have encouraged us to do better.

Our products and solutions are scalable and adaptable to turnkey projects and customizable to specific niches. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering cutting edge solutions in RADAR:

  • GaN based DTRMs & TRMMs for S-band
  • up-converters and down-converters for S-band & L-band RADAR’s
  • Multi-channel high speed and high performance Digital Receivers
  • FPGA IP cores for RADAR signal pre-processing
  • RADAR health monitoring Software
  • Multi-core and Multi-processor boards with RTOS
  • Connectivity with Optical cables using Aurora, SRIO and Ethernet
  • Digital Beam Forming Systems for AESA RADARs