The boundaries of Physics and Electronics are being tested in the field of Electronic warfare across all platforms. The continuous desire of the user community to upgrade its force multipliers in the realm of EW is well known. The stress of such intense deployment demands is clearly felt in the Electronics side, which in turn requires an extraordinary effort from domain specialists such as CoreEL to step up its capabilities and address the latest and the best in terms of EW sub-systems such as Jammers, Interception and Monitoring systems, Direction Finding systems, RADAR Finger Printing. CoreEL has stood up to such demands of higher order electronics by designing and developing cutting edge EW subsystems that have been integrated to larger systems and are field proven and already deployed. CoreEL has ventured into RF as a specialization to address some specific requirements that have come up from the user group and have ensured final implementation. CoreEL plays an advisory role in the Defence scientific community and continues to associate and co-exist with the design and testing of new age EW systems. EW includes simulations of EW threats as well and CoreEL is actively assisting Ministry of Defence in planning for next gen simulation systems.

A few of our salient technological features include:

  • Multi-channel Giga Samples per second rate Data Acquisition systems
  • Wide band Jammers
  • FPGA based Radar Signal Characterization systems
  • Modelling EW scenarios