Defence & Aerospace Product Development

Military systems worldwide are forever challenged by the growing demands of a digitally enriched experience in the battlefield arena. The sensor to shooter experience covers a wide gamut of platforms which address diverse and challenging needs such as Speed, Range, Resolution, and Bandwidth in the Communications and Non-communications environment across all four dimensions namely Land, Air, Sea and Space. Coupled with these challenges exists the strong need of a network-centric and highly digitized battlefield which would enable the deployment of tactical and strategic resources at the right time and at the right place as force multipliers. Underlying this experience is the strong need for technology domain expertise which centers around Digital Electronics and Radio Frequency of which the core technology revolves around Digital Signal Processing, Base Band Processing, Image and Video Processing, Embedded computing, Semiconductor Design, and Control interfaces as well as RF as front ends.

Our expertise wraps itself around such technology areas that offer a system to sub-system level design & development capability pushing the envelope to a higher threshold thus benefiting the front line deployment strategies of domestic and international forces. Our proven design capabilities in electronically dense systems such as Radar, Electronic Warfare Systems and Sonar have played prominent roles in rolling out cutting edge sensors on various platforms.