Entering the Corporate World

Choice is what enables us to tell the world who we are. The choice we make today results in what we may get in future. Making choices has become much easier as there is no lack of access to information. There were days when People (their Experiences) and Books were the only source of information, suggestion or advice. A choice I had to make to enter into the corporate world, choice between two firms of different domains. The first one was a top Multinational in the software domain. The other one was a firm in the core electronics domain, which was of my interest. Perception makes people look at the same think differently. For me it was my interest that mattered most but for them it was the fame and assurance that mattered. It’s not easy to convince people who are against your choice, so this was no exception. My family just doesn’t include only my parents and my brother; it includes my uncles and cousins. I succeeded in convincing my family, they believed in me and my decision. So, it was all set to go for what I chose. To be frank, my choice was based on intuition and I trust it most of the times so that I would be the only person responsible for the consequences later on. September 1st, 2015 was the big day, joining in this company. With hopes and aspirations, I came to Bengaluru. Trust me I didn’t even know we had to spell it like that. For a newcomer, the first challenge is to find a decent stay. Fortunately, few of my friends already moved to Bengaluru a month prior to my arrival. So I stayed in the same PG with them, which was at short distance from my office and at the heart of the city. Food was the next concern for me, though I am not a foodie, a normal hygienic food is what I wanted. Though there were many restaurants nearby to have good food.

First day at office we had the induction program and joining formalities. Training begun from the second day, it covered wide range of topics that we need to know as a professional in the corporate world, technical as well as non-technical. Our batch had people with enthusiastic minds and similar mindsets; as far as the technical skills are concerned. Those days were pretty interesting and too hectic, and hard to manage time. We used to eagerly wait for weekends so that we could just look around the good places in the city. The way trainers presented the matter, it was promising and we could see the opportunities waiting for us to explore. There is absolutely no limit for how deep one can go to understand, if it really tickles your brain. Interaction with experienced people makes one feel good. The beginning is the toughest part of doing anything, not so clear, hazy and deceptive. All it takes is “Time”, to get more clarity. Due to overloaded assignments the pressure is too high and so much that makes you feel like quitting. But, that is the time when we should be strong, that’s when we are actually growing. After completing the training we joined in different teams. During training we just saw what all the possibilities are, but now we have to deal with whatever gets in. Opportunities are not equal for all, then we start thinking of fate, destiny, etc. Those don’t make sense unless you don’t work hard for it. We need to speak whatever we feel and communication must happen through email and basic etiquette must be followed. We realize that colleagues are just like your friends, mistakes in your work cost much more than you expect and work-life if not like college life. One needs to be active all the time during work. But as life goes on, it brings something special every day. Better to fight for something than to live for nothing.

Author: Vanamali Ajay , Design Engineer at CoreEL